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Dear Friend,

Do you like DUTraffic and want to support it? Are you from a country where English is not the native language? Do you know some software download websites in your language? I would appreciate it if you can help me promote DUTraffic in your country.

Normally on the homepage of a download website, you will find a link (something like "Submit Software" or "Software Author") which is used to submit software to the site. Follow that link, and you will be asked all the information below to submit a program. Please translate all the information to your language and fill out the corresponding forms.

Program Title: DUTraffic

Program Version: [The latest version number of DUTraffic]

Category: Internet\Web Statistic

License Type: Freeware


DUTraffic was designed as a comfortable and also powerful dial-up monitor. DUTraffic records statistics for each on-line session, regardless of which dial-up program you use. DUTraffic can automatically open a number of applications once a connection is reached. For example, it'll run your browser and e-mail client, and instantly close them once you're off-line. DUTraffic has the friendly and unostentatious interface.

Install Support: Install & Uninstall

System Requirement: Win98/ME/NT/2000/XP

Home Page: http://safhouse.narod.ru/

Download Link: http://safhouse.narod.ru/downloads/dutraffic.exe

Screenshot: http://safhouse.narod.ru/img/dutraffic_screenshot.gif

Program Icon: http://safhouse.narod.ru/img/dutraffic_icon.gif

PAD XML File: http://safhouse.narod.ru/padinfo/dutraffic.xml

Author Email: safhouse@narod.ru


SafHouse - DUTraffic - Powerful dial-up monitor
Also you can place this banner on your page. For this purpose place following html code on the page:
<a href="http://safhouse.narod.ru/"><img src="http://safhouse.narod.ru/img/dutraffic_banner.gif" alt="SafHouse - DUTraffic - Powerful dial-up monitor" width="88" height="31" border="0" align="absmiddle" /></a></p>

Thank you for your support.

Sincerely yours,

Eugene M. Safonov

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